poslovni imeniki - 32 let tradicije
| poslovni imeniki - 32 let tradicije poslovni imeniki - 32 let tradicije
| poslovni imeniki - 32 let tradicije
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The information portal has made business information simply and readily accessible. This is your opportunity to reach more customers: each day, new potential clients use the Internet as a No 1 medium of searching for information.

Make the Internet directory of the Inter Marketing company your permanent Internet business directory – nowhere else will you find so efficiently organized and so easily accessible information about business in Slovenia.

Your potential customers, however, need more than your name, address and phone number. This is your opportunity to make a strong impression and the best possible use of your presence on the Internet, so that you upgrade a free basic data input with our vast range of advertising possibilities.

For detailed advertising information, please call +386 1/360-33-44.

To order an ad at the, please fill the purchase order and send it.


1. Logo
Let the trademark of your company be the communication base for your existing and new customers.

2.Key words
You can add key words which characterize your business and efficiently help your customers to find you.

3.Link to your web site and e-mail
Have you got an e-mail address and web site? Enable your customers to reach you as quickly as possible.

Under your basic data, you can order a static or dynamic banner with more information of your company and services.

5.Banner at the top of
Promote your services, products, distributorships, web sites by means of a really outstanding banner.

6.Package offer
Package offer logos:
a) in the book RUMENESTRANI 2011
b) on the CD RUMENESTRANI 2011 and
c) on the Internet

In addition to advertising at the information portal you can expand your business information and communication in printed business directories

For more information, please see our price list and call +386 1 360 33 44

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